Seams Legit: Former Phillies J.A. Happ and Cole Hamels in pinstripes again, this time with the Yankees and Cubs, respectively

Happ’s a good fit for New York. Hopefully for his sake he doesn’t have to throw one pitch to Gary Sanchez. If he does, there’s no telling how he’ll do.

Let’s jump ahead, I want to talk about the other bit of big baseball news that broke on Thursday:

I have this move with a passion.

There are certain circumstances where a new marriage between a player and team makes zero sense.

Terrell Owens and the Bengals.

Gary Payton and the Celtics.

Sansa Stark and the Lannisters.

Ryan Reynolds and the Green Lantern Corps.


Now add Cole Hamels and the Cubs to that list of very strange marriages. And it’s not because he’s overrated or anything either. I just cannot picture Hamels and his vanilla lefty mechanics pitching in that ugly, horrendous, Cubs home uniform.

I had a Mark Prior uniform as a kid, but if I did it again I think I’d get the blue alternate or gray — though Prior could pull anything off with those monstrous calves.

Not Hamels though! Nope. Bad look, hate the move.

Happ at least has a chance, as long as Aaron Boone makes sure he only works with Austin Romine.

Can’t say the same of Hamels.


Seams Legit

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