Seams Legit: Vince Carter apparently extending his NBA career at least 1 more year

He’s 41 years old. 41! He turns 42 in January!

Looks like we’ve got a game of chicken going between Vince Carter and Tom Brady (who turns 41 on August 3rd).

Let’s be real, there’s no shot that Carter outlasts Brady.

As much as Carter’s role in the NBA is much different than Brady’s in the NFL, the physical condition he has to stay in is much harder to maintain than Brady. Plus it probably wouldn’t be great for the TB12 brand if Vince Carter lasted in the NBA longer than Brady did in the NFL. I don’t think Vince is eating quinoa cakes or avocado ice cream or whatever.

And I can’t imagine he makes any real contributions on the court for Hawks. Like Woj said, he’s there to help with the development of the younger guys. (Though I don’t know why Atlanta can’t just hire him to work as an assistant, but who am I to tell them how to spend their money?!)

But it’s pretty crazy to think that Vince Carter has been in the NBA for part of three decades of NBA basketball. If he wanted he might be able to hang around for a fourth.

And if you’re keeping track at home, Atlanta is the 8th team Carter’s played on since leaving Toronto. He’ll obviously always be a Raptor and is the greatest Raptor of all time (and one of the greatest sports jersey in the history of the world), but after this season he’ll have spent 2/3’s of his 21-year career playing for teams other than the Toronto Raptors.


Seams Legit

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