Seams Legit: ‘NBA expert’ Chris Carter labeled Gordon Hayward as a ‘role player’

With all the ridiculous Nick Wright clips posted to the Internet I forget who the real idiot is on this show. This is the same guy who told young, prospective football players that they always need to have a fall guy.

What I find most maddening is Carter actually made some decent points in this rant, like how Hayward’s not a high-volume shooter.

Actually, wait. If you look at Hayward’s field goal attempts per game (15.8) in his last full season he was ranked 27th in the NBA. He’s certainly not Russell Westbrook or even Kyrie Irving, but it’s not like Hayward is a passive offensive player.

Carter then called him a, “system player.” Gotta love that. So he fit well in Butler’s system then? Isn’t his current NBA coach his old coach at Butler? I feel like the media is so cavalier with that phrase now, and it’s their way of saying a guy isn’t really as good as his numbers show.

If he fits into a system isn’t that a good thing?!

(I’m starting to rethink what I said about Carter making good points.)

Well, he did call Hayward a marginal all-star. That’s fair. He’s only been an all-star once (2016-2017). Though the way the East is constructed this year he could easily be an all-star.

Then Carter said Hayward will be a different version of Al Horford.

Now this take wasn’t terrible…until he continued by saying Hayward would be, “able to score from all three different levels,” like Horford.


Horford has averaged less that 11 shots per game last year. He scored 12.9 points PER GAME. Horford is not a marquee scorer, though he could certainly score more if he wanted. Horford is a flexible defender, who will grab some rebounds and defers to the better shooters on the floor, but he only shoots when it’s absolutely necessary.

I don’t know how you can look at Hayward and Horford and say, “these guys bring the same thing to the table.” Hayward is a shooter and a scorer. Horford is the jack-of-all-trades, master of none.

After that, Carter added that Hayward’s 3-point shot could help open things up for the Celtics. Very true. Very OBVIOUS, but still true.

Carter follows that up by saying he may have to surrender minutes to Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. I agree he’ll surrender minutes. But that’s because everyone on the Celtics will get less minutes this year. This team is very deep, there’s no reason for Hayward to average 35 minutes a game like he did in his final four years in Utah. Especially with Hayward coming off a big time injury.

Which brings us to Carter’s next point: he’s not worried about Hayward’s health.

HOW?! How can anyone think that? I’m sure Gordon Hayward is worried about his own health to some extent. But Chris Carter isn’t, so everything is a-OK. Nothing to see here folks!

Then he says some stuff about Hayward already having a big contract, blah, blah, blah, but then adds how he’s “a difference maker and what’s going to make the Celtics a special team.”

Alright, now we’re talking! He’s not the sole reason the Celtics will be a special team, but I do agree he will be a difference maker. (I think that’s 3 points I’ve agreed with so far. Certainly more than I’ve ever agreed with Nick Wright.)

He talks about sharing the spotlight with Kyrie, next. Carter doesn’t think it’ll be a problem. I agree. Most guys on this team don’t strike me as guys hungry for the spotlight.

Then Carter mentions the most points per game Hayward has ever averaged is 15 points per year. Wright corrected him, stating that was his highest shot average, bailing his partner out.

Carter drops the ball, again, saying 16 points per game is his highest average in a season.

In case you can’t access Basketball Reference or any other basketball stats page let me help you out.

Hayward didn’t average 16 points per game in a season until ’13-’14 (16.2). After that he averaged 19.3, 19.7 and 21.9.


Yeah, my thoughts exactly. Ever heard of show prep, Chris? Then Carter puts the icing on the cake by saying Hayward “is a role player.”


This honestly all comes down to show prep. If Carter knew Hayward averaged around 20 points per game in his last three seasons in Utah there’s no way he calls Hayward a role player. He can’t be that dumb, right?

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