Seams Legit: Viral tweet exposes Dwight Howard for being a fraud

Never heard of this @wha1en guy before, but he has WAYYYYY too much time on his hands. Right now, I’m very appreciative of that.

So here’s my question in all of this: Did Dwight Howard think that little of the media that they’d never find out about his lies, or is he that dumb that he’s forgetting he’s said this everywhere he’s gone?

I tend to think it’s option A. Howard doesn’t strike me as a brainiac, but I don’t think he’s that dumb. Plus, I think he has little to no respect for the media, too.

In fairness, assuming that was his thought process, it’s justified here. Clearly the reporters hadn’t caught on. Some random dude from Rotowire with too much spare time had to put the pieces together to figure out Dwight’s been lying to everyone since 2011.


Seams Legit

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