Seams Legit: The final round of this year’s British Open was as captivating as it gets, with Franceso Molinari coming out on top

I’ll admit the main reason I tuned in Sunday was because Tiger Woods was in the contention. I still find it strange how so many people feel the same way about Tiger after everything that’s happened. But Tiger is what the people want, and him getting his first Top-10 finish since 2013 is a great sign for golf, and for Tiger.

Although he was why I tuned in, he wasn’t why I stuck around to the end. Sure it would’ve been great to see Tiger pull it out, but between Molinari, Xander Schauffelle, Kevin Kisner and Rory McIlroy, it was some of the most captivating golf I’ve ever seen in my life.

Molinari’s getting all the attention for winning and being the first Italian to ever win the British Open, deservedly,  but Schauffelle was inches away from stealing the show. There must have been four putts, if not more, that he nearly sank, which could’ve completely changed the outcome of the round.

The selfish viewer in me was hoping Schauffelle would force a playoff, and he looked so good with the putter, he could’ve easily stolen it.

Great, great showcase for golf. Some very exciting play from names I certainly didn’t know. And if it wasn’t for Tiger, most of us would’ve probably missed out.

SIDENOTE: Whoever yelled in Tiger’s backswing on 18 Sunday should be banned from all golf courses, everywhere, for life.

Seams Legit

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