Dark Trinity: Aquaman, Shazam and Titans trailers, plus more news out of San Diego Comic Con

What a week. So much going on in the comic book world. Every year SDCC seems more and more like it’s a must visit for nerd culture fans, at least once in your lifetime. I haven’t gone yet, but definitely plan to at some point.

Before dissecting the major trailers that came out this week, here’s my take on some of the other big things that came out this week:

Edward Norton bashes The Incredible Hulk script

I don’t blame him for being frustrated, but that’s the best excuse you have for treating everyone like peasants when you filmed this movie? Talk about bitter, too. It’s been 10 years, Ed, get over it. Lord knows we all did.

Zombieland 2 is coming, with the same 4 main cast members

The first one was an absolute banger. Star-studded cast. Have to think the second one will be, too.

Omega Red to appear in Deadpool 2 deleted scene

I was going to buy this anyways, but now we have something new to look for. I saw how they planned to use him, not sure what led to it, but I have zero problem with it.

Marvel “What if…” series is back

Saw this on instagram before SDCC. Don’t think they’ll all be great, but the Spider-Man – Punisher “What if…” looks SICK.

Marvel is giving Shuri her own comic book

Don’t think I’ll read it personally, but it’s a great idea from Marvel. The character has a lot of potential to be one of the more dynamic female heroes in the Marvel Universe.

Rugrats coming back, both in cartoon and live-action form

Clearly Nickelodeon is running out of original ideas. That being said, this is still pretty cool. Such a great show for kids.

However, I HATE the movie idea. Live action, CGI babies? Sounds very visually disturbing. Not sure if I’ll see it. If I do, it’ll probably just be to witness what’s sure to be a train wreck.

Iron Fist Season 2 trailer released

Meh. I still haven’t finished Jessica Jones season 2 or started Luke Cage season 2, so this isn’t exactly on my list of priorities. The first Iron Fist wasn’t well received, and I can’t imagine this one will be either.

Riot is the villain in Venom

Don’t know much about this character. Never been too big into Venom. He’d better be awesome though, because I think everyone was hoping for Carnage to show up.

Marvel kicks James Gunn to the curb

I know those tweets were from a while ago, but why did Gunn think those were OK things to write? It’s weird enough that some of those thoughts crossed his mind, but to make those thoughts public is about as dumb as it gets.

And it’s no surprise that Marvel gave him the boot right away, especially being owned by Disney.

Hopefully Taika Waititi takes over the Guardians franchise. He’s really the only one who’s made an MCU movie similar in style to Gunn’s.

Comic of the Week

Metus was a new character to Cable’s story, though we saw he’s technically been following the Daysrping forever. Cable 159 brings the story to an end and reveals where he and Cable First met. Great finish to the 5-issue story.

Cover of the Week

Another week of great covers: Batman: Sins of the Father #12, Tony Stark: Iron Man #2, Thor #3, Star Wars #51 and Darth Vader Annual #2.

Ultimately The Brave and The Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman #6 was the winner. I wasn’t a huge fan of the writing in this series, but the art has been pretty good. The cover art has been exceptional and was the reason I ever considering reading the title.


Aquaman trailer released


Best thing to come out of this week. I was already excited for Jason Momoa’s solo Aquaman movie, but man, this just raised the expectations tenfold.

I don’t think most people can say they ever thought they’d be excited for an Aquaman movie, either. The character always seemed a bit hoaky and dated. And even the people who liked him as a kid probably got tired of him once they grew up. He didn’t seem to have much to offer.

From what little I’ve read of him in more recent DC stuff, he seems a little more close to Momoa’s portrayal. But I don’t think anyone can’t quite pull this character off like Khal Drogo.

This will be a hit for DC, no doubt in my mind.

Shazam trailer released

You have my attention.

I was leaning towards seeing this in theaters before the trailer was released, but could’ve been nudged in the opposite direction. After seeing the first Shazam trailer though, I am in.

This has potential to be as important to DC’s success as Wonder Woman. Not because it could have the same social impact, far from it.

This movie is a great chance to really attract the young superhero fans who’ve not given DC a chance. The main character is a young kid who gets Superman-like powers. Just an average kid, he could be anyone.

Relatability. Easiest way to draw in young, especially this day in age.

Titans trailer released

Well then…

By far the biggest surprise of the trailers that came out. Dick Grayson (Robin) set the internet on fire with his “F%&$ Batman” line. Great move putting that in the trailer. I don’ plan to subscribe to the DC Universe right away, but between that, the Harley Quinn animated show and old DC shows that they’ll make available, I’ll probably have to at some point.

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