Seams Legit: Josh Hader’s teammates had his back in his first meeting with the Milwaukee media

When this whole thing started with Hader the night of the All-Star Game, I had no idea what to expect next. Truthfully, I thought this could ruin him around the league long-term. Make him nearly unsignable when he hits the market (which isn’t for a LONG TIME).

Especially when you see something like this pop-up after Hader started trending on Twitter:

I’m not saying what his teammates did absolves him of everything, but I think everyone that questioned whether or not he’s still a racist and a bigot just got their answer.

But MLB will still send him to sensitivity training, which was a stupid decision on multiple levels even before this moment with his teammates. I’d rather they talk with him about doing something more impactful in the off-season, but they aren’t worried about helping the situation, they just want to cover their own behinds.

Respect to Lorenzo Cain, Eric Thames and the other four Brewers who popped up on screen. I’m sure there are guys around the league that are still pissed at Hader and probably upset with these six Brewers as a result, but they’ve convinced me that Hader has definitely made some necessary changes as he’s gotten older.

I’m not saying people need to just move on an act like nothing happened or even forgive Hader, but you should be able to accept the fact that the man has changed. He is not a racist and a bigot anymore. What he said in the past was despicable and I don’t exactly have plans to run out and grab a Josh Hader jersey, but that’s OK. He’s a human like anyone else, was clearly misguided (to put it lightly) and has since made the necessary changes as he’s been educated.

Seams Legit

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