Seams Legit: WEEI and Sports Hub break midday show news within 24 hours

Looking at the WEEI news first, this is something that’s been in play pretty much since Michael Holley left. Ever since Glenn Ordway came back, OMF has shown afternoon drive potential — something Dale & Holley lacked, even after adding Rich Keefe, who’s probably ben the best talent WEEI has had in the afternoon show full-time since they gave Ordway the boot for Mike Salk years ago.

Between OMF thriving in the middays and Dale & Keefe continuously getting torched by Felger and Mazz, it was a no-brainer. About time there was some competition between the two stations in afternoon drive.

Switching gears to the Sports Hub’s news, I never understood why NBC Sports Boston didn’t have Zolak and Bertrand on the station with Toucher and Rich on in the morning and Felger and Mazz in the afternoon.

With Toucher and Rich’s contract not being renewed with NBC Sports Boston and the contract expiring early July, this comes as a surprise, at least to me. But one thing I know about NBC Sports Boston, they want as much Patriots content as possible (pretty much like any other media outlet in New England). Zolak and Bertrand pretty much only talk about football, so it’s a match made in heaven (at least from their perspective).

Seams Legit

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