Seams Legit: Josh Hader…well, he wrote some things on Twitter when he was younger that were about as bad as it gets, and it resurfaced mid-All-Star Game

I decided to record the All-Star Game and not watch it live, so I could see a movie with a family member (Jurassic World 2, solid B). Just wanted to see what certain players did, figured it’d be no big deal, fast forward as needed.

Which is why I had no problem checking social media after the movie to see what went on during the game. Before I did that I scrolled through some group texts and found out something happened with Josh Hader. Figured he did something important in the game — which he kind of did.

That wasn’t what everyone was talking about though. Nope. Could not have been further from that.

Jesus man! I don’t care that he tweeted this stuff out when he was 17 years old, this stuff is BRU-TAL. (And these are just the tip of the iceberg. Believe there are worse that surfaced from his past.

I don’t know how anyone bounces back from something like this. He checked the two biggest hate boxes off in permanent red marker and EVERYONE in the baseball world now knows.

Actually, I’m pretty sure most of America knows about this by now.

Two things I think when someone’s exposed for having said terrible things in the past on social media:

1. Why did you think like that?

Not, “why did you tweet that?” I cannot begin to fathom why people judge people based on race or sexual orientation, or anything that’s out of their control.

I’m not joking, I can’t comprehend why someone says these things about people and actually believes in them. I know it’s out there, obviously, I’m not that naive. It just seems…I don’t know, I can’t begin to wrap my head around why people legitimately feel this way.

2. What are you, Josh Hader, going to do next?

Hader spoke with reporters after the game:

That’s all good and well, but it’s not enough. You need to ACT. Volunteer, work with the groups you’ve spoke out against. Maybe you can help them understand why you used to think that way, so they can help others change for the better like you supposedly have.

I’m not even saying this has to be a lifelong endeavor for Hader, but there is certainly an opportunity for him to repent and help others in the aftermath of some seriously terrible comments being exposed.

While I don’t think anyone well ever be a Hader fan again, he can certainly clean his name up a bit so teams don’t avoid signing him like he’s the damn plague — which could happen.


This first tweet came out before the Hader news came out. Fine, whatever. But this next one is brutal:

This one came after the fact. I don’t expect a reporter to sift through a guy’s old tweets at random. I don’t expect anyone to, really. But when someone DOES and you see the things that Hader tweeted, you can’t exactly ignore them.

He’ll probably walk away from this without much of a scratch, but it’s not exactly a smart move by Jon Heyman.

Seams Legit

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