Seams Legit: Fans seem more excited about not hearing Alexi Lalas for another four years than France’s second World Cup win

First off, great game. I generally prefer a defensive-oriented game, no matter the sport, but this was a very exciting World Cup Final. I wish Croatia was on the other side of it, but let’s be honest, I won’t care about it at all tomorrow.

The game wasn’t the only thing everyone was pumped up about:

I had no idea people have been complaining about Alexi Lalas the entire Cup.

I have never been more proud of the world. There are some brutal analysts out there, but this guy might take the cake:

The thing that bothers me the most is this guy talks like he was frigin Pele. I don’t care if you were a Hall of Famer or the worst guy to ever play the game, I have no time for these condescending analysts, especially when they are incapable of bringing up a good point.

Give me a good explanation about what’s happened and what needs to be done next. Lalas can’t do that though. He’s never been able to do that, which is why I can’t watch the halftime shows he’s on anymore.

Fox will keep him on board until the end of time though, because there are plenty of people out there who will hate watch him.

Seams Legit

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