Seams Legit: Random Thoughts: Forbes thinks Kylie Jenner is self-made?


This has to be a joke. Kylie Jenner is self-made?

I assume the online piece is the same one that’s running in the hard copy of Forbes, but this might be the most click-bait thing I’ve ever seen in my life

(And that includes this ridiculous story.)

I’ll give Jenner this, assuming she thought of it all on her own — which is assuming a lot — she made a smart move by using her looks to make a ton of money. I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. Your looks are just as much an asset as anything else. Why not use them to your advantage if you can?

However, don’t tell me she’s a self-made woman. Ever heard of her mother? How about her father? Maybe one her older half-sisters?

Kylie Jenner could absolutely make a ton of money on her looks without her family connection — I wholeheartedly believe that — but there is not a shot in HELL that she makes THIS kind of money at THIS age all by herself, on just looks. You’re a fool if you think otherwise. There are plenty of attractive people who make a ton of money in their first few years of fame, but to be on the precipice of $1 billion that fast is ridiculous. I would venture she makes at the most $5 million at this age without her family’s influence. (You have to also figure she wouldn’t be doing all this if she was raised in a normal household.)

What bothers me most in all: I don’t know how someone at Forbes can write this story and believe the public will accept that Jenner is in fact self-made by standard definition. And who are the people in charge OK-ing this as a good idea?


Seams Legit

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