Seams Legit: Ken Giles sent to Triple-A after losing his cool again

Remember this:

Well guess who lost his cool again??

As hard as it may be to believe, I didn’t instantly assume Giles was losing his cool on Hinch. I thought there was a legitimate chance he was telling himself to go screw.

Sound crazy? Keep in mind this is a guy who PUNCHED HIMSELF IN THE FACE to make it seem like he cared more than anyone else that he blew a game. He’s capable of anything.

But once Hinch demoted him to Triple-A it became pretty clear Houston is fed up with this wacko. And Hinch DEFINITELY thought this guy was pissed he was pulled, otherwise the Astros would work through what’s going on at the big league level, under their supervision.

You can feed me all the lines like, “We need to get his pitching right,” but I’m not buying. There are plenty of arms on the market and Houston is a legit team with assets (or at least more than the Red Sox). You’ll find his replacement pretty easily.

Seams Legit

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