Dark Trinity: [Spoilers!] Ant-Man and The Wasp [Spoilers!]

Comic book of the Week

Really doesn’t matter what else came out and there was some good stuff this week, no doubt. But Batman #50, the wedding issue, deserves he nod. If you haven’t read anything about this yet, I’d get on it right away. I won’t spoil anything pertaining to this, I’m not the New York Times.

Cover of the week

Big week for awesome covers. Green Lanterns #50, Nightwing #46, Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider #21, Ant-Man and the Wasp #3 and Batman #50 (kinda have to) all were considered, but Deathstroke #33 (Deathstroke v. Batman #4).



Nicholas Cage in Miles Morales Spider-Man movie

Nicholas Cage is getting another shot at superhero movies, now as the voice of the Spider-Man Noir character in the Miles morales Spider-Man movie.

I thought this was supposed to be like an alternate universe Peter Parker. And I was right. So I have no idea how he fits into everything. Should be hard for him to screw this one up though.


Ant-Man, without spoilers

I was truthfully a little concerned going into this one. Part of what made the original Ant-Man so great was everyone expected the movie to be a complete flop.

That’s not taking away from the first film, it was awesome, but having low expectations going in can definitely make a movie seem better that it actually was.

Having said all that, this was not a disappointment. I’ve seen some say it’s the best Marvel sequel next to Winter Soldier. That’s a very fair claim. Much like Winter Soldier, I think it was better than the original, which is saying a lot in this case.

More details in the spoilers…







The Wasp (Evangeline Lilly) stole the show. Much like when she played Tauriel in The Hobbit, Lilly made everything look so easy and fluid. I know there’s some CGI mixed in, and she has a stunt double who obviously see some action, but the actions scenes where she likely wouldn’t need a stunt double make everything else that she does believable.

Add on her general tough-girl attitude and she’s the best character in the movie.

Which only adds to everything Scott Lang does. They’re the perfect blend of humor and action that gives this series a unique feel from the other movies in the MCU.

Janet van Dyne has entered the fray, as has Ghost. I know very little about either.

van Dyne was supposedly the ideal Avenger, even more so than Cap, in the comics and seen as a very sympathetic character. So it seems the MCU stuck to that outline pretty well, until…well you know.

Ghost’s gender and name were never disclosed in the comics, but I’m not sure how well that’d translate with people today. Ava Starr is definitely not a straight-up villain, which seems to have the internet annoyed. Seriously, with the exception of pretty much the Joker, every villain is the hero of his or her own story. Or, like in Ava’s case, someone who’s been screwed over immensely and deserves a fair shot at a real life.

In terms of Ghost as a fight, she’s pretty damn cool. But if Hope van Dyne had those powers, she’d be completely unstoppable. A much superior hand-to-hand fighter than Ghost, as cool as she was.

The last characters really worth mentioning were Bill Foster (Laurence Fishburne) and Luis (Michael Pena). Foster’s another character I know little about from the books, but any time you can bring in Fishburne you’re usually doing something right. Regarding Luis, I mean c’mon. Dude makes Korg look like a wet blanket. Perfect amount of Luis in this movie, too.

In general, the movie was what I expected in terms of intensity. Not a heist film like the last one, but Ant-Man and company were still working within it’s own bubble, unlike the rest of the MCU. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

The first post-credits scene was obviously a major kick in the pants. Frigin Thanos.

For all the talk of “oh, this will answer Ant-Man’s role in Infinity War” I still felt pretty damn lost after this scene. How’s Ant-Man getting out of this one? Is he going to just grow again? Will Bill Foster somehow save him?

The only answer I got in all this is the MCU writers are insane because they killed Hope van Dyne and they clearly don’t like Janet Van Dyne, who JUST GOT BACK FROM AN ETERNITY IN THE QUATUM REALM.


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