Seams Legit: The Thunder are dropping Carmelo Anthony like a bad habit

Melo has to be one of the biggest wastes of talent of all time, right? If not in all of pro sports, at least in the NBA.

Such a dominant player early on, who helped changed the way things worked in Denver, even if that was only for a short time.

But he could never get over that hump. And a change of scenery and cast did NOTHING.

In fact he got WORSE when he went to New York.

(By the way, midway through this I’ve realized I’m writing his career obituary, that was not deliberate. No turning back now though.)

On top of that he was more interested in his tech and investment and being an activist. That’s fine, until it starts effecting your play, and boy has it ever.

It was fun while it last Melo, thanks for the memories. Have fun signing with a non-contender.

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