Seams Legit: Kawhi Leonard apparently hid from the Spurs when the tried to check on him in the 2017-2018 season

ESPN’s Mike Wright: I probably shouldn’t say this, but I’m gonna say it because Kawhi is about to be outta there. There was a point during his rehab process in New York that some of the Spurs brass went out to see him in New York. As soon as those guys arrived to the building, Kawhi’s people grabbed him and sequestered him to another part of the building. And so the Spurs’ people couldn’t even see him.

Can’t believe this guys was once viewed as the LeBron haters’ hero. In a league of divas this guy might be the biggest diva.

The organization (that pays him tons of money to bounce a ball) was checking on his physical and mental state to see how things were progressing and he couldn’t even look these people in the face. That’s about as spineless as it gets. Don’t care how brutal these execs are, you get paid by this organization, you have to make yourself available in some capacity.

I understand Los Angeles may want him as much as he wants to go there, but do you really want a guy to turns heel that easily on an organization like the Spurs, who are supposed to be on of the best in the NBA? No thanks. Go play in Europe.

Seams Legit

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