Seams Legit: Terrell Owens is big league-ing the NFL Hall of Fame induction ceremony

Gotta give the man credit, if he’s one thing it’s consistent.

As much as I’ve ben a T.O. fan since I was a kid, I wasn’t big on this at first. I understand the motivation behind it, after he’d been snubbed by the Hall of Fame for the past two season, but I thought it was just too petty.

Then I woke up and realized we’re talking about Terrell Owens.

Just because a group of people told him he’s among the best to play the game means he has to abide by their rules? Hell no. That’s what how T.O. became an all-time great in the first place.

Glad to know there are now 4 certainties we can count on in life:

  1. T.O. putting on a show
  2. Death
  3. Taxes
  4. Nick Wright using every ounce of energy to spin everything to make LeBron look AWESOME
Seams Legit

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