Seams Legit: Jay Cutler is a clown…and for once that’s not a bad thing

This might be the first time I’ve ever actually liked Jay Cutler. The guy has always seemed like a miserable mope, when he has no reason to be.

But his explanation for what he does on a daily basis is absolutely PERFECT.

Kristin Cavallari: “But, like, honestly what do you do all day?”

Jay: “I like to keep myself pretty free, so if something does pop up…”

Kristin: “Ready to go.”

Cutler affirms.

He’s so laid back about it, and his wife is either jealous he doesn’t have to do anything all day, or just doesn’t like the idea of anyone being unproductive all day.

Hey Kristin…THAT’S EXACTLY WHY ATHLETES TRY TO GET PAID AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Former athletes want to do the bare minimum when they’re done playing. They want to leave as much time as possible to chill with their friends and family, and do absolutely NOTHING they don’t want to do during their alone time.

Something tells me Cavallari didn’t know that was the case when she said “I do” to JAY CUTLER, the guy who was one of the least passionate football players during his time in the NFL. Or maybe she knew and tried to ignore it as long as she could. I guess those blue eyes (or green? maybe brown?) aren’t cutting it for Kristin anymore.

Seams Legit

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