Seams Legit: LeBron is a Laker

Very, very thankful he didn’t take forever with this. Though the offseason focus will still surround him. Only now the attention moves towards who the Lakers will add to LeBron’s supporting cast.

That also means they’ll have to get rid of guys. But there’s one guy who ABSOLUTELY has to stay in LA no matter what: Lonzo Ball.

Lakers fans probably want him sent on the first plane to Vancouver, but I want to see LeBron deal with that cockeyed jump shot and his psychotic old man.

Maybe LaVar will even challenge LeBron to 1-on-1.

If Lonzo stay, there, the Lakers will become the second most popular reality TV show after the Kardashians. Probably wouldn’t effect them to the point where they miss the playoffs, but it could definitely alter their postseason finish. At the very least, it’d make Lakers fans miserable, which is all that really matters.

Seams Legit

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