Dark Trinity: Another Jared Leto comic book movie and DC’s revolutionary ultimate membership

Jared Leto in another super villain role. Something I didn’t know I actually needed in life!

Wait, wait. This isn’t the Seams Legit blog. I apologize for the sarcasm.

WHY is anyone getting anywhere near this guy?! I wouldn’t say he’s a bad actor, but we all know what he did as the Joker. If I’m casting a significant character in a comic book movie, I’m not giving the role to Leto. I don’t trust him.

Not that Morbius is a significant character. I know he’s a cool Spider-Man villain, but I’m not entirely certain why this character is getting its own solo movie.

Though it does seem like Sony is giving every character slightly related to Spider-Man a shot at the big screen. Don’t know exactly how well that’s going to go.

DC’s ultimate membership

DC’s offering access to a ton content online and of apps. Digital comics, exclusive shows, animated shows and movies, old movies and other things. A price has not been set, but this seems like something that could be worth while.

The only reason I wouldn’t be in is I can’t do the digital comics. As long as they’re going to offer the hard copy I’m taking that instead. Outside of that, if you want to watch the live action Titans show or the upcoming Swamp Thing and Harley Quinn shows, you have to get this.

Marvel will likely have something like this in a year, smart move on DC’s part to get it’s foot in the door first since they’re always running behind thanks to the movie game.

Comic Book of the Week

Without going into too much detail, Hellblazer #23 was a bit of a surprise. Things didn’t exactly go as expected. After that I looked up Constantine for something unrelated and stumbled on this bit of news:

And next issue’s apparently the last one, so that explains things a bit.

Don’t know if there are any DC plans with Vertigo being rebooted, but I am very disappointed by this news. That being said, that makes what happened in this issue all the more intriguing.

Cover of the Week

Old Man Logan #42 beat out Flash #49, Mera: Queen of Atlantis #5 and Batgirl #24.


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