Seams Legit: Dee Gordon and the Mariners won the day with Turn Ahead the Clock Night

I honestly didn’t believe this was a real thing when I first saw the tweet. I’m not exactly up to date on Mariners promotional nights.

That was my first thought. My second: it is a SIN that Ken Griffey Jr. never had the chance to rock this look.** Dee Gordon repped it exactly like Griffey would have, but we all wanted to see Junior play just one game with his hat backwards.

Also, the Mariners are winning the jersey game this year, by FAR. I saw the Royals’ unis for this thing, not at all impressed.

Seattle has the cream home:


The teal, Griffey throwback:


Now these, and they let guys wear their hats backwards.

Baseball purists might hate them, but I love them. I don’t know that they’ll translate well to every team (i.e. Yankees and Red Sox), but there are definitely teams that should rock them going forward.

This cannot be a one time occurrence.

P.S. I just saw this:

This has to be one of their jerseys next year. These will FLY off the sales wrack.

**Just learned Griffey did rock this look once. The uniforms were almost the same. So the only problem I have with this is the Mariners waited 20 years to rock these again! They should wear this EVERY Saturday night.

Seams Legit

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