Seams Legit: Marcus Stroman, Gerrit Cole weren’t the only ones throwing sick sliders Friday night

The were four sliders in particular that caught my eye last night:

Hitters have to HATE when Stroman does the stalled leg kick. Seems like I see at least one clip of him doing it every start. When he does it with that nasty slider, guys no chance whatsoever at making contact.

@PitchingNinja’s been doing these overlays a lot more recently. I like them in certain cases, but I generally don’t like it when he posts an overlay instead of the solo shot of a breaking ball. I get the point of them, but I also like seeing the movement on its own.

That being said, this is one of the craziest ones he’s posted so far. Not a chance in hell anyone does anything with that slider after Cole threw a fastball in the same lane right before.

I think this one has the least amount of horizontal actions of the ones I came across. What I can’t believe is how much movement Davidson got given he started the pitch above the strike zone. Usually that stuff flattens out and ends up in the stands.

Now this one was my favorite one of the night. Alex Bregman deserves some credit here. About 98.7% of human beings are ducking out of the way of that pitch and headed towards the dugout.

Standing his ground is all he can hope for in that situation. Bregman, or any righty, isn’t hitting that slider after Roe practically started it at his oblique.

So those aren’t all sliders. And they’re not from a Friday night start. But I feel like I’d be doing a disservice if I didn’t share this quick Aaron Nola montage.

Seams Legit

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