Seams Legit: So LeBron James isn’t interested in “elaborate recruiting pitches” but he’s not above texting guys anymore about teaming up

I have never been so disappointed in myself.

I saw what I wanted to see when LeBron said he wasn’t interested in, “elaborate recruiting pitches.” I thought he was going to let chips fall where they may, let the GM’s do their jobs, just focus on playing when it came to all things basketball-related.

Nope! Not the case whatsoever.

What it really happened was LeBron realized he was above all that. All he really needs to do is send a quick “‘sup” text and everyone will come running.

In fairness though, if that routine is going to work on anyone in the NBA it’s Kevin Durant. That dude will do anything to make sure he’s not labeled a loser again.

If I’m Durant though, I wouldn’t go for it, kind of like Stephen A. spelt it out. Durant’s pretty much the big man on campus right now, despite the never-ending LeBron love out there.

And he might do it. Reports say Durant’s going to opt-out. As much as it feels like he’ll stay in Golden State, crazier things have happened. (Like me thinking LeBron wasn’t going to try and form a super team.)

Seams Legit

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