Seams Legit: The Tigers fired their pitching coach for making “insensitive comments”

Can’t believe they waited for something like this to happen before they fire Chris Bosio. The Tigers had a 4.47 staff ERA (22nd in MLB) and opponents were hitting .256 (24th in MLB) against them. Guy should’ve been fired in May.

Apparently the statements were racially charged. If that is the case, did Bosio think he’d make some questionable comments and somehow get away with it? How stupid do you have to be?

And if you’re that pissed off at someone — now this could just be me — maybe call that person out for what you’re actually mad at them about.

Don’t care if you yell at someone mindlessly for 20 minutes. Don’t care if you punch someone in the face, honestly. You aren’t my problem. But why do you have to make it about race?

Seriously, just leave. There’s no room for you in the game — or any sport — if you’re saying things like this and feel that way.

Seams Legit

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