Seams Legit: Kawhi sweepstakes starting to take off

Woj and company reported there are 4 teams in on the Kawhi Leonard, with the Lakers not having, “and encouraging initial conversation with the Spurs“.

Two teams make sense: the Cavs and the Sixers.

Two don’t: the Celtics and the Clippers.

Cavs are trying to build something for LeBron to come back to, plain and simple.

Sixers are tying to get someone that can still put them over the hump if LeBron doesn’t sign with Philly.

Those two seem pretty simple.

It’s the other ones I don’t get.

Why do the Clippers want to invest in Kawhi? How are the going to get him?

When a team says, “we don’t want to trade within our conference,” but still consider you (the Clippers) as a viable trading partner, despite being in the conference, you clearly aren’t making the right decision. Because the only teams that should be in on Kawhi are teams that expect to have a chance in 2019.

Which is exactly why the Celtics are a good fight, aside from the fact that they already have Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and Al Horford. There might be concerns with those first two regarding their physical condition, but even if one of them is healthy, the Celtics have a should at going to the NBA Finals. They could even win. Now if you flip one of them for Kawhi there’s still very good chance the C’s go to the Finals?

But there’s not a shot this takes only one of those guys. The. Celtics have a lot to offer and the Spurs are going to ask for as much as they can.

My guess, he winds up in Philly. He’ll only be there a year, which is when he’ll go to Los Angeles and find out he never should’ve lost it in San Antonio.

If I’m Cleveland or Boston, I stay away. I believe nothing will keep him in either cit for 2019-2020. Cleveland’s better off looking elsewhere and the Celtics are plenty fine as is if everyone is healthy.

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