Seams Legit: Sergio Romo lost his mind after getting a mid-June save against the Nationals

Never seen a guy so pumped to earn his sixth save of the season in the last week of June. Some might even say this was a slight overreaction on Romo’s part.

But I don’t mind his celebration one bit.

It’s got nothing to do with this being the pitcher equivalent to an overaggressive bat-flip. If Edwin Diaz or Aroldis Champan did this against the Nationals — a team they don’t exactly have a rivalry with, like Romo — in a mid-June game, I’d probably support Daniel Murphy and Adam Eaton’s actions.

Why does Romo get a pass?

Dude only sits 86-87. I’m OK with Romo doing this ANY TIME he strikes someone out. I don’t care how nasty his slider it, do you know how hard it is to strike guys out at that level when you throw THAT slow?

Do you Sergio.


(Just don’t get pissed the next time someone hits it to the moon off you.)

Seams Legit

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