Seams Legit: Kansas Chiefs lineman earns doctorate, asks if he can M.D. on the back of the jersey, NFL says no

Kind of a bummer, I was really hoping to get myself a Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, M.D. jersey. It wasn’t even because Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, M.D. is, like, my 15th favorite offensive lineman in the league, I just never thought I’d see size 12 Times New Roman font on a football jersey.

Anyways, I imagine Dr. Laurent will be the first person to play in the NFL and be a certified doctor, which is cool. Good for him, he’s better than everyone else.

But why does he feel the need to have M.D. on the back of his jersey? Did he become a doctor while he was in the NFL to get his schooling out of the way and make a difference in the world, or did he do it to get a pat on the back from everyone and show all the other lineman that he’s smarter than them?

And I don’t care if he wants to do it because he’s proud to be a doctor. If you’re that proud, then you’d just pursue that and set aside your career as an NFL player.

I’m in lock-step with the NFL here (which is a little unsettling).

Seams Legit

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