Seams Legit: The wait is over, we’re finally getting a 3-part series covering Paul George while he goes through free agency in the offseason

What happened to Paul George?

Seriously, this was a guy I really enjoyed watching when I was in college. Always felt like he had some flash, but at the same time was never about himself.

Maybe that’s just me. I’m of the belief that defensive-minded players are about the win and the team, more than their own personal gains.

He’s obviously not a bad person or anything, I just never thought he was the type of guy who’d be this much about himself that he wants to do a video about this process.

Other thing with this: who’s going to watch this?

George isn’t exactly the superstar he was in Indiana. And as much as he’s still one of the biggest NBA free agents this year, I don’t exactly feel compelled to pay any attention to him until a rumor pops up regarding where he’ll land.

Seams Legit

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