Seams Legit: Blake Treinen needs to be a 2018 MLB All-Star

Remember this pitch?

That may be the best pitch Treinen has ever thrown, but it wasn’t a fluke.

There’s plenty more what that came from, but those two came from Saturday’s save in Oakland’s 7-6 win over Chicago.

He’s only 6th in the AL in saves (17), 10th in all of baseball, which generally isn’t good enough to make the All-Star Game. Though he does have the 4th lowest ERA (0.98) among qualified relievers, best among closers.

He still has Jed Lowrie and Sean Manaea who could get nods ahead of him, too. In general, an uphill battle for Treinen.

But this is about why he deserves the nod, not how he’s not going to be there.

Actually, this is more about baseball needing him in the Mid-Summer Classic.

Treinen has some of the most ridiculous movement in the game. And he throws 100. He’s such a rarity and I’m willing to bet 97% of baseball fans don’t know who he is.

You put him on the mound, with those juiced All-Star Game radar guns, and a hero is born. It’ll only last for a week, more than likely, but it’d be enough to create some buzz around a small market players and bring someone to the forefront that young fans could grow to appreciate more.

Seams Legit

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