Seams Legit: Baker Mayfield gave all athletes a perfect example of how to handle media criticism

This guy might be my new favorite athlete. I CAN’T STAND Colin Cowherd. He’s not as bad as Nick Wright, or maybe even Max Kellerman, but he’s not far off.

And I wasn’t really a big Mayfield fan before this either. Never been big on guys who get so overblown before they play a snap at the pro level.

But I don’t care if he goes down as the next Christian Hackenberg, this guy gets it.

Cowherd talks all tough behind his microphone and throws these haymakers without anything to really back up his horrendous takes. Like, for example, the touchdown celebration he breaks down — very condescendingly, by the way — with Mayfield.

Talk about the ultimate dumb take, he bashed Mayfield for celebrating with fans and the band after a touchdown, instead of his teammates. Good God man, what the hell is wrong with you?! When you make a big play in a big game you’re not worried about little things like that. You react quickly and roll with it.

Cowherd acts as if he completely ignored his teammates, too. And do you REALLY think his teammates care if he celebrates with the fans and band?

The most important piece in all this is Mayfield went face-to-face with with Cowherd. A lot of athletes get annoyed with how the media will cut clips or quotes to fit a narrative. Best way to avoid that is make appearances like this.


If you ignore it, it will go a way, temporarily. But the second you do something stupid again, everything negative you’ve done will be brought up again because you DIDN’T PUT IT TO REST.

I doubt we’ll start to see a sum of guys doing this going forward, but hopefully a few guys see this as an avenue to make the talking heads that SUCK at their jobs, look dumb.

Seams Legit

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