Seams Legit: 76ers executives continue to make responsible decisions, trade HR worker’s son five seconds after they draft him

This is about as stone cold a move as you can make. You draft a hometown kid, who went to Villanova (which is pretty much in Philly), whose mom actually WORKS for the 76ers organization — not to mention Mikal Bridges was the highest player on their draft board — and you trade him right away to the Phoenix Suns. Not exactly a destination team right now (as much as the weather is a major improvement from Philly’s).

And how do you make that move THAT quickly when you know all the other variables and you got a guy (Zhaire Smith) who was taken 6 PICKS after Bridges? I know the Sixers got an unprotected first round pick, too, but damn man. Bridges could have been a very valuable piece for the organization’s marketing and community outreach, in addition to being a contributor on the floor.

As much as the kid isn’t exactly a poor thing — because he still gets paid a lot of money to bounce a ball and put it through a hoop — I do feel for him a bit. This is the ultimate tease, and I hope if blows up in Philly’s face.

Seams Legit

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