Seams Legit: Hunter Strickland took back his title as MLB’s No. 1 hardo reliever

In case you’ve forgotten who’d taken the crown from Strickland, it was Ken Giles. Remember…?

I get it: he blew it against the Triple-A Marlins while the Giants are fighting for supremacy in one of the most competitive divisions top to bottom in Major League baseball this year.

“I let the guys down.”

“Miami sucks, how can you let that happen?”

Add that stupid spat with Lewis Brinson and this whole affair is like Hunter Strickland’s worst nightmare. Only ways you could add on is if you told the guy he could never deadlift again (apparently that’s his thing) and that his wife was leaving him for Bryce Harper.

Pretty sure Kevin Brown busted his hand a few years back over a bad appearance or a string of bad appearances. But either way, this guy is THEE prime example of a hardo reliever.

He’s done it all. Held a grudge, been a policeman for the game in situations where it was unnecessary and now he’s punched a damn door over blowing a game. So he’s on the shelf for 6-8 weeks.

Hopefully it’ll help him sleep at night knowing that any blown save that happens during that two-month stretch is just as much on him as the one against Miami.

Seams Legit

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