Seams Legit: Dwight Howard is now with his six NBA team after being traded to Nets

Full disclosure, I kind of forgot Howard was still in the league. I don’t think I’ve posted about him at all since I started the blog, and the Charlotte Hornets aren’t exactly the No. 1 point of discussion in the NBA.

If you’d asked me who he was on I’d have probably guessed Atlanta still and that he missed a big chunk of the season. And I actually follow the NBA. That’s how irrelevant this guy has become.

Enjoy paradise in Brooklyn, because they’re notorious for making great personnel decisions and acquiring guys in the middle of their prime (i.e. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett).

This move is 100% designed to sell tickets and delay keep people semi-interested until Brooklyn can figure everything out. Pretty sure everyone already know that, but I still feel it needs to be said.

Seams Legit

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