Seams Legit: The Kelvin Herrera move was a huge miss for other MLB playoff contenders

Yes, yes big move for the Nationals. Finally get a legit reliever who is proven in the postseason, but isn’t on the back nine. Plus he’s pitched in almost every scenario at the big league level, so he doesn’t need to be pigeon held to the ninth inning.

Not sure if it’s enough to separate the Nats from the Braves and Phillies, but it certainly helps.

When I saw this move go down, my first thought wasn’t, “Wow, smart move by the Nats,” as much as it was a great move by them.

I wanted to know how the hell no one else was really in on Herrera, or at least in on this guy enough that their offer couldn’t beat out the Nats’. Doesn’t Dayton Moore (Royals’ GM) dirve up the price at least a little more or shop him with other teams before he takes THIS offer?!

Herrera’s a rental, no question, but you can’t tell me some team that’s a legit World Series contender can’t use help in the bullpen. Without any effort I can think of two right away.

And you’re telling me no one could offer more than an organizational (not all-MLB) #10 prospect, a 21-year-old Double-A player and a 17-year-old non-drafted free agent (Dominican Republic) from 2017? Keep in mind, the #10 prospect, Kelvin Gutierrez, isn’t even on’s top-100 prospect list this year. So how good can he really be?

The Nationals got away with one here and the Royals should have been able to get a lot more for a guy who has as much postseason experience as Herrera, has a ring and is still dominating RIGHT NOW (1.05 ERA, 11.0 K/BB, 0.818 WHIP).

Seams Legit

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