Seams Legit: Shockingly, the coverage of Phil Mickelson’s antics have been worse than the act itself

Personally, I think Phil should just quit the whole damn game of golf itself. Pick up pro wrestling or some sport where you can act like a damn fool without full embarrassing everyone involved. Seems like the only logical course of action here.

Even the guy’s poor wife had to justify that, “he’s a good man who had a bad moment.

This is where we are in the world now. Guy loses his cool in the simplest form, screws up his own score, yet everyone in the golf world is killing him.

I’m actually going to be serious for a moment…golf etiquette isn’t something that shouldn’t be thrown out the door entirely. You can’t be yelling on the course or take a million practice swings. If you’re group is slow as hell and there’s a twosome behind you, you let them play through.

But this? Yeah give him the penalty, but the fact everyone killed Phil over this is honestly more surprising than the act.

Here are some headlines we’ve seen so far:

Phil Mickelson is a bad sport once again — Newsday

On is 48th birthday, US golfer Phil Mickelson acts like a 10-year-old — (New Zealand)

(MY FAVORITE) Phil Mickelson should apologize, the withdraw from the U.S. Open — ESPN

Good god people, lighten up a bit.

No one was worse, though, than Global Golf Post senior writer John Hopkins:

“He doesn’t look to me this morning as though he realizes quite what has happened and how he’s offended so many people.”

That’s a direct quote from your boy Johnny Hopkins. This is why I don’t join a golf club. These people, man…just the condescending nature seems so natural. Such a miserable bunch of people.

THE DUDE HIT A BALL WHILE IT WAS STILL MOVING AFTER PLAYING 33 MISERABLE HOLES OF GOLF IN 2.5 DAYS ON A MISERABLY DIFFICULT COURSE. And people are acting like this guy threw his club into the crow, or suddenly became Happy Gilmore overnight.

Seams Legit

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