Dark Trinity: Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Incredibles 2 and Chris Hardwick

First thing’s first, we got a look at Aquaman and Wonder Woman, the only two characters with any hope in the DCEU. (Never thought I’d say/write anything like that about AQUAMAN, yet here we are.)

I’ll tell you hat, Aquaman looks LEGIT. A few villains will be mixed in, Jason Momoa’s jacked. Amber Heard looks great. And from the looks of it they did a great job creating the city of Atlantis.

Lot of pressure on this movie with the way things have gone for DC and how well the MCU (and Deadpool) have done this year.

Wonder Woman’s new outfit looks…well…stunning. Not THAT much different from the firs movie, other than the fact that the colors clearly pop more.

We also got a nice little heads up that Steve Trevor is still alive and well. Not quite sure how that went down.

Either way, we all know this next one will be kick-ass, too. At least there’s one DCEU property that’s worked out.

Incredibles 2 is dominating

I haven’t seen it yet, and probably won’t review it once I do, but Incredibles 2 is KICKING ASS at the box offices, reeling in $180 million in the first 3 days.

It’s already nipping at the heels of Solo ($192.8 million through 24 days) and beat out Deadpool 2’s opening weekend by almost $55 million.

This is a good barometer for where little kids stand on super heroes. Hate to break it to you Hollywood, they’re not going ANYWHERE.

AMC suspends Chris Hardwick’s show after abuse allegations

This was a real gut punch for any diehard Walking Dead fans. Not that he got booted, that he was accused of abusing an ex-girlfriend.

In this era, the accusers are being listened to by the masses more than ever — which is how it should be.

That also leads some companies to act quickly and poorly. AMC is doing it right, 100 percent. Suspend the show and see what happens. after a while. The show will probably be cancelled, but they’re slow-playing it.

Whereas Nerdist is handling it worse than anyone.

He founded Nerdist and they’ve scrubbed him from the site completely.

I get taking down his bio and no longer boasting that he founded the company, but you cannot disassociate yourselves from him completely. Somewhere on the site it has to say he’s the founder. Just because he may turn out to have been an abusive a-hole, does not change the fact that he did for EVERYONE at the company.

I think they look stupid and immature. Revisionist history has a way of doing that.

Comic Book of the Week

I like the start of Deadpool Assassins, and I’m working on catching up on the Batman Wedding series and Domino, but I need to address my guy this week: Red Hood and the Outlaws #23.

The story was great, love what they’re working on. Brilliant idea on Scott Lobdell’s part (shocker).

But the book wasn’t exactly the same as the others

Why? Oh, I’ll tell you.

DC did the one thing I can’t stand happening in comic books. THEY CHAGED THE ARTIST.

Dexter Soy (great follow on insta if you like comic book art) had ben the artist since the start of Rebirth and drew Jason Todd PERFECTLY. Artemis was AWESOME, too.




Well now he’s out. I don’t know if it’s permanent? I was looking through DC’s website and I saw him associated with the next issue (#24) so maybe he’ll be back?

If DC made the decision to move him, they’ve made a HUGE mistake.

Lobdell has great stories, but you need someone who draws the character well. Like Otto Schmidt and Green Arrow. As much as I like Schmidt, I’d never want him to draw Red Hood or Deathstroke, but he is perfect at what he does with the Arrow.

And no disrespect to the new guy, but he’s not Soy.

When I saw the first page of the issue I thought, “If this wasn’t my favorite character, this might be grounds to stop reading him after this storyline is done.”

The new artist isn’t bad, but to swap out an awesome artist like that is…puzzling to say the least. Plus, Soy may be my favorite artist at this point, which only adds to my frustration.

Cover of the Week

This was a tough one. I liked Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corp. #46. Hunt for Wolverine #2 Adamantium Agenda was well done. And I actually considered Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #305, too.

But I gotta give it to the leading lady this week. Wonder Woman #48

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