Seams Legit: Gilbert Arenas went after current NBA players on instagram

Personally never much cared for Gilbert back in the day. Good player, just didn’t do much for me either way.

And I’m not completely sure how to handle this post either. Yeah it’s great he went after the current players for slowing the game down, but I never felt things were lightning quick back when he played.

Wasn’t Gilbert’s era THEE era of isolation basketball? Maybe you guys shot the ball quicker back then, but they DEFINITELY pass the ball around more now.

There are more shot attempts per game because the decreased physicality in the game allows it. If players are averaging less points per game in the process, that just means the shooters day aren’t as good as the guys from back then.

See now that I could get behind. This era may have the greatest shooter of all time in Steph Curry, but there are so many missed open looks that I feel like NBA players didn’t miss back in the day. Feels like I’m watching college basketball sometimes with the amount of missed open attempts — and I hate watching college basketball for this exact reason.

Probably doesn’t help when everyone’s churning up three’s instead of looking for easier shots, which Gilbert kind of allude to.

I personally love a great dribbler, even if he doesn’t break a guys ankles. At the same time, I don’t need the team’s back-up small forward trying to create space and bust out his best move every time down the floor. Most guys on the team are better off moving the ball around to find the best look — both in terms of effectiveness and entertainment.

That only happens if you get guys who can buy into passing more, like the Warriors and the Celtics. But outside of a drive and kick, you’re not going to see teams who pass a ton anymore. It’s just not how the game’s played.

And no matter how you slice it, Gilbert, your generation helped establish the way the game’s played today.


Side note: what a list of LEGENDS. Iverson, Pierce, Ray Allen. Most importantly, my guy Michael Redd made the cut.

Seams Legit

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