Seams Legit: Phil Mickelson’s meltdown has me questioning why so many people like golf

I will never fully understand the concept of golf. I’m not talking about the objective or the rules. What I mean is, what’s the point?

So many people do it and at least 90% suck at it. It’s not like a team sport where you can be OK and still be on a winning team. And as much as you take different types of shots throughout, there’s only one side of the ball. It’s not like you can be a good defender in golf even though you suck on offense.

If you suck, you suck. There are no Marcus Smarts in golf.

Why then do people play it? And I’m kind of guilty of it, too, I play about 6 times a year. But there are guys who spend a ton on clubs, gear and memberships, yet they still suck.

Then there’s this, the US Open at Shinnecock. The Masters are still king, but people are loving how the best golfers in the world look like the rest of us because of this ridiculously hard course.

Which, once again, I don’t get.

I’m all about making fun of people and occasionally enjoying another’s misery, but the fact that this makes people themselves miserable when they play it, then they watch studs, who actually have it figured out, but they want them to suck, too.

Like, what do you people want?!

Such a miserable game that is for some reason beloved.

(UPDATE 6:16 AM on 6/17)

Just saw this tweet from Seans Legit podcast guest Chris Cotillo:

Oh no! The kids watching him are ruined now!

Seams Legit

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