Seams Legit: Turns out Mike Bibby is JACKED now

Well this came out of nowhere.

So Mike Bibby is taking pretty good care of himself these days.

Yes, that’s him on your right. I wouldn’t know it’s him without the tweet clarifying either.

Now I know he can train more for show now that he’s not an athlete anymore, but this is absurd. Without question, he looks more intimidating than he ever did as an NBA player.

I’d venture as far to say he looks like he could be an NFL slot receiver or safety right now. Actually, the more I look at the picture the more I convince myself he might be able to pull off linebacker or running back. Like a trim, hyper-athletic linebacker.

And if you’re wondering whether he’s on something or not, I’d bet he is. You don’t generally meet many 40-year-olds that look like that naturally. Especially ones that didn’t look like that when they were 25.

In fairness though, as long as it isn’t something that could kill or severely damage his body when he’s old, then who cares? It’s all fair when you’re just doing it for looks.

Seams Legit

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