Seams Legit: Are the “official” reports about Kawhi Leonard wanting out of San Antonio supposed to come as a surprise?

I get that we hadn’t officially heard anything, but didn’t we all sort of already know Kawhi wanted out?

Dude hasn’t suited up for Spurs since ‘nam, DID ANYONE ACTUALLY THIN HE WANTED TO STAY?

I don’t get why he wants out. The Spurs are one of the great NBA franchises and he’s supposed to face the face of it post-Tim Duncan. Maybe he’s tired of Greg Popovich talking about politics all the time, though that seems like a weird reason to want out.

The whole situation is just strange. Seems like it came out of nowhere. Would love to hear the origin.

Going back to these tweets and reports, I get why these reporters are posting these. It does make it more official. But no one is actually stunned by this, right?

ALSO, check out the time stamps on these two tweets. How weird is that? Coincidence???

Seams Legit

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