Seams Legit: Fight Night in L.A. – Matt Kemp v. Robinson Chirinos

What a collision. Man, do I miss these. I get why they changed the rules, but these and manager’s arguing with umps, are some of the side scrums within the game that add so much more to the MLB product.

Looking at how this thing started, Kemp’s the instigator here. Not because he dropped his shoulder into Chirinos’s unsuspecting jaw either.

It’s what Kemp did after he railroaded Texas’s catcher.

Chirinos was definitely in a bit of a fuzz after the hit — can’t blame him for that — and he found himself leaning on Kemp as he got up. Kemp got up with almost a “get off me” approach.

Dude, you just DESTOYED that guy. I’m surprised he even knew his own name after that.

So needless to say I don’t blame Chirinos for the extra shove after the fact.

Also, tip-of-the-cap to Cole Hamels (who J.A. Happ and I talked about last podcast, shameless plug) for getting in the middle of it to stop Kemp from causing any permanent brain damage for Chirinos. Says a lot about a guy who’s an ace and goes after a behemoth like Kemp mid-start.

Cody Bellinger got involved a little at the end, too, but he didn’t really bring much to the table after the few little shoves between him and Chirinos. That is, until someone got back in the middle of the two again, THEN he made another move. Typical “fake tough guy” move. And I have no issues with Bellinger, he may be a total badass, I just know a “fake tough guy” move when I see one.

Good fight. I give it an even B (8.4). Not a lot of length to it, but there was enough anger that it could lead to retaliation next time Texas and LA meet — which, unfortunately, isn’t until the end of August for a two-game set starting on 8/28.

Seams Legit

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