Seams Legit: Video of Noah Syndergaard’s 2016 ejection reminds us all why we need to dump replay and forget about robot-umps so managers can lose their minds on umpires again

My God. This is some of the greatest video ever.

I’ve seen plenty of managers lose their minds through the years, with guys like Earl Weaver and Lou Piniella being among the greatest repeat offenders. But damn, this has the best one I’ve seen yet.

And the audio makes it of course. I’m sure Piniella and Weaver said some vile things, but I never heard them say what Terry Collins said in this video.

So there are two takeaways from this video.


  1. Mic up all the umpires so we can hear audio like this every time.

If you’re worried about cutting the swears, just save it for later and post it to social media. Or, since there’s a DELAY, have someone at the ready with a dump button to cut the swears.

Because, as I’m sure everyone’s noticed, this video has kind of gone viral. And I don’t think there’s a single human being who’s seen it and didn’t enjoy it.


  1. Get rid of replay so managers can argue with umpires again.

I’ve wanted this for a while anyways, but this just adds more. It’s a great part of the game. There’s a ton of frustration surrounding baseball in general and sometimes guys need to blow off steam. Hell, sometimes the fans need a little shakeup in the action. Arguments do that.

Don’t care if that means umpires screw up more, I want arguments.

And if the umpires don’t like that, they can quit. I’m sure there are plenty of dummies who’d be more than happy to take their job.

Seams Legit

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