Seams Legit: Alexander Ovechkin slow-danced with the Stanley Cup

We’ve seen some fan bases lose their minds over championships. The degenerates in Philly. Chicago fans held there own (though I was told for years Chicago would burn to the ground if the Cubs won…didn’t happen). And of course there are the maniacs in Boston.

But I don’t think I’ve ever seen an individual athlete as happy about winning a championship as Alexander Ovechkin.

I’ve tried to think of someone for the past hour and no one comes to mind. Sure some guys celebrate harder than others.

I heard (though I don’t know how true this is) that after winning the 2013 World Series and raging all night Mike Napoli laid down on a street in Boston, shirtless, and proclaimed that he was OK with dying now.

Again that’s a rumor. Even if it’s true, it still doesn’t sniff Ovechkin slow dancing with the Stanley Cup, never mind the Cup kegs stands and everything else.

Bill Russell might be the greatest team sport champion of all time, but I honestly think Ovechkin may have partied more after this one win than Russell did in any of his 11 NBA titles.

I wonder how much this effects him and the Caps next season. Will it be a season long hangover, or will Ovi do everything he can to win now that he has a taste?

Seams Legit

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