Seams Legit: The Mariners are taking a stand in MLB’s battle against PEDS, will reportedly not make Robinson Cano the everyday second baseman when he returns from suspension

Well I certainly didn’t see this coming. You’d think a team that’s played in 30 1-run games would want their 240-million-dollar man back in the lineup as soon as possible. Doesn’t matter that they’re 21-9 in those games, you’re not going to turn away an offensive juggernaut like Robinson Cano.

So you want to continue with Dee Gordon (another player who’s been popped for PEDs) as your second baseman, that’s fine. Put Cano at DH and slide Nelzon Cruz into right and put Mitch Haniger in left and put Denard Span in center field.

But Span isn’t exactly the speedster he used to be, Guillermo Heredia is a damn good outfielder and like Seattle GM Jerry Dipoto told ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick:

“As versatile and athletic as Dee is, it’s not that easy to go play center field for a month-and-a-half and then say, ‘Oh, by the way, you’re going to go play second base in the biggest game of your career when you haven’t been out there.’ It’s going to take some juggling and we’ll have to figure out a way.”

So I’m not fully certain what the Mariners do with Cano from there. Injuries happen, so that could work everything out. And they are clearly playing very well since he got hurt, so it’s not like they’re pressing.

It’s a strange situation.

Though, this is great for fans and people within MLB that want to eliminate PEDs.

You get hurt, someone else gets a shot at your job. They do well, you lose your job.

Happens to guys who get injured all the time. Why shouldn’t it happen with guys who might lose their edge now that they can’t afford to cheat anymore?

Seams Legit

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