Seams Legit: Good news for Christian Hackenberg is things can’t get much worse


You get dealt from the 5-11 Jets, who drafted you 51st overall, to the 6-10 Raiders for a 7th round pick. But instead of working with you more the Raiders decided in JUNE that you were a lost cause and would rather have their 7th round pick back.

Though I guess he could make an attempt to sign with an arena football team or a Canadian Football League team and then get cut by them, too. But I’m sure that won’t happen, right?

In the course of the news breaking I saw this little nugget of information scroll across Twitter.

No idea if this is accurate or not. If it is and I’m Hackenberg, I do everything in my power to make sure I’m not the lone man on this list.

You can’t go through life caring what other people think of you, but I mean c’mon, no human being has the willpower to get past something THAT embarrassing.

Seams Legit

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