Seams Legit: Alexander Ovechkin took a quick second from his Stanley Cup celebration tour to thank his supporters

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It’s been 13 years….and now me and my boys are Stanley Cup champions!!!! I wanna say thx to George McPhee and all scouts who draft me, Ted Leonsis who and his family make me feel like at home right away! all my teammates, all staff,but i wanna say i’m very happy for all caps fans! we did it!!!!! and now i wanna say thx to my family….without u i never reach this cup and all my trophies. mommy daddy and my brother michael with your support and believe in me i feel your energy and emotion,to help me be who i am!!! all my friends who are with me all time, my trainer thank you. most important i want to thx my beautiful wife @nastyashubskaya for support and love for always helping me every single day. i love you very much!!! now we can celebrate all together and remember this moment for all our lives. time to party caps fans!!!! because its the cup😀😀😀👌. #stanleycap #ALLCAPS

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I’ve never seen a human being so happy to win a title as this guy. It was must watch television when he took his little tour with the Stanley Cup. I would’ve been perfectly OK with it going on for another 15 minutes.

Everyone who knows the tiniest bit about modern hockey knows this guy’s been criticized for not leading the Capitals to postseason success, despite being one of the best players in regular season play. And in this modern age some guys get pegged as being about themselves and their money, not their team and winning.

Well his reaction right after the game, and today’s insta post, show Ovechkin only cared about one thing this whole time.

And he finally got it.

Seams Legit

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