Seams Legit: Wouldn’t it be nice if the LeBron sweepstakes ended as quickly as possible?

Everyone has dreams. This is mine.

Unfortunately I have absolutely no control over this whatsoever. Only one man really does, but unfortunately he loves the attention as much as anyone.

Thankfully we’ll never get “The Decision” again, but there’s no doubt LeBron James will milk this process as long as possible. EVEN THOUGH there’s a very, very good chance he already knows where he wants to play.

But he’ll go and meet with San Antonio and Houston and Los Angeles and Boston and Philly and GOOD GOD DOES THIS EVER END?

Not to mention we’ll see him photoshopped in each uniform. Which is always fun!!!

Then there’s ESPN, who’s been waiting for this since Golden State won in 2017. I don’t watch the “Worldwide Leader” much these days, and that’s certainly not changed for this nonsense.

I’m all about making a lot out of a little when it comes to covering sports, but I at least make an attempt to talk/write about things other people haven’t discussed a million times.

LeBron is not staying in Cleveland. Everyone and their mother knows that. Where’s he going? Somewhere else. Where does he fit best? ANYWHERE. HE’S LEBRON JAMES.

Have we learned nothing from the last 4 NBA Championships?

There’s all the LeBron analysis you should need until he actually signs somewhere.

Seams Legit

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