Seams Legit: LeBron’s free agency field has been set, and Celtics fans claim they aren’t interested?

Quick note: if this is the leading NBA talk right now I guess that means the finals are pretty much dead, huh? Maybe the NBA learns from this?

Anyways… I’m not buying this for two seconds.

I’m not sure where the other fan bases stand on this, but I know Celtics fans can say whatever they want right now, if LeBron decides to come to Boston, you will WORSHIP him.

You may love this team now, but you also loved the team when they had Isaiah Thomas. Then when they got Gordon Hayward it was great. People were sad about trading Isaiah for about a minute, but then everyone realized pretty quickly that Kyrie Irving was significantly better.

THEN, when Terry Rozier showed what he’s fully capable of, everyone starting to think the Celts could afford to dish Kyrie.

Can’t forget the constant Anthony Davis speculation, and there’s the Kawhi Leonard talk. There’s always some way to make the team better.

Personally, I’d like to see what this team could do when Hayward and Kyrie come back. I seriously think they have a chance at Golden State with the way some of the other Celtics developed.

And as much as I want to say I’d never watch the Celtics if they got LeBron James, I can’t make that claim with certainty. It’s not how basketball fandom works, at least not anymore. Definitely in New England.

People want two things in basketball: stars and rings. LeBron checks the first box. He should be able to check the second if he comes to Boston. So no one will care.

If I had a vote, I’d say don’t sign him. He’s a great player, but I can’t take the LeBron fans. And I hate how he teams up in different places.

As much as I feel that way, I cannot say with confidence, “I won’t watch the 2018-2019 Celtics,” if they choose to sign him. And any Celtics’ fan who claims they won’t watch a LeBron-led Celtics is 100% lying.

In fact, I guarantee anyone who says something like, “no way, no shot I ever watch the sellout team again,” will be among the first to buy the first set of LeBron jerseys.

Seams Legit

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