Dark Trinity: Spawn, James Gunn & DC

So pretty much as soon as we find out that Jamie Foxx will play Spawn, we find out he’ll not actually be the main character in the movie.

Spawn’s not a character I’m as familiar with, but I will definitely catch up on by the time the movie comes out.

Either way, the character has a great look, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about the character.

Yet in this movie, a SPAWN movie, he’s not expected to be at the forefront. That’s what Spawn creator and writer, (and apparently director) Todd McFarlane said in an interview with Comicbook.com.

Then I see part of the season is he wants to get fans, “out of their superhero mode,” and I’m thinking, “What the hell is McFarlane doing? How does a comic book writer not want fans to be in superhero mode?”

But that’s why you need to read McFarlane’s full statement around his reasoning, and not just this one clip other sites have used to shock readers.

Here’s was McFarlane said on his approach:

“I think that’s gotta be the odd part about the movie for some people who are gonna go. I just have to get them out of their superhero mode. Their $200 million dollar movie budget superhero mode to going into a creep movie.”

So the movie will be focused more on the humans instead of the monstrous Spawn. Which I actually kind of understand. I personally want Spawn and just Spawn, but I think I see where McFarlane is going with this when he says he wants a “creep movie.”

He certainly knows his character better than anyone. Hopefully he’s right about how his greatest creation will translate to the big screen after the 1997 attempt didn’t go as expected


James Gunn had a chance to direct a DC film

Please, please, PLEASE let this happen when he’s done with Guardians of the Galaxy. I’m not sure where he’d be the best fit, but whatever movie James Gunn is in charge of — where he has full control of, very important — will turn to gold.

Give him whatever movie he wants. Let him use whatever character he wants. The man is a genius. Do not question him.

Seriously, make it happen DC.


Cover of the Week

Punisher Vol 1 225

This week’s cover brought to you by Clayton Dixon. Was also a fan of the first issue of Lando and Amazing Spiderman #19.


Comic of the Week

This week I’m picking Doomsday Clock #5. Feels like things are starting to pick up a bit and move in the right direction. Also saw one character take a surprise beating and another character start to show his face a bit more.

One other thing. I’ve been a big fan of X-Men Red so far, but this week’s issue, the 1st Annual, was weird. I understand the point of the issue and I won’t spoil it here. The payoff brought it all together, but it was still pretty meh.

More importantly, and this agitates me more than anything, they changed the artist. We went from Mahmud A. Asrar to Pascal Alixe. STAY WITH THE SAME ARTIST PLEASE. Alixe’s work isn’t as much my style, while Asrar’s is, but I just hate that change. Feels like I’m reading an entirely different story. Totally messes with the continuity.

Please bring Asrar back. Stop messing around.

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