Seams Legit: Any chance some MLB team helps Jacob deGrom get out of New York?

Full disclosure: deGrom is one of my two favorite pitchers in the game to watch (other being Madison Bumgarner).

I also have always had a soft spot for the Mets. Big Mike Piazza fan as a kid.

But can we PLEASE get deGrom in a different uniform?!

The guy suffered one of the more ridiculous injuries in baseball in recent memory (hyper-extended his arm swing). His team is in a free fall. Yet deGrom continues to shove.

And the damn Mets are incapable of doing ANYTHING to help his cause.

I heard one of the broadcasters say, “Conforto with his seventh home run of the year. They pick up deGrom and this game is tied!” after Michael Conforto’s game-tying home run on Saturday night.

They picked him up? Really?

I know deGrom got himself into a couple of jams throughout the game but how the hell to you “pick up” a guy who strikes out 13 over 7 innings and only give up 1 run?

I’ll tell you how: YOU DON’T. You score two measly runs behind him and everything works out in the end. JEEZ.

You’d think a guy with a 1.49 ERA (2nd in MLB, 1st in NL), 12.19 K/9 (4th in MLB, 2nd in NL) and 4.67 K/BB ratio (t-16th in MLB, 9th in NL) would have more than 4 wins in 12 starts. But no, not with the METS!

Sidenote: this pitch is what I like about him most. That changeup has stupid movement and he can throw it exactly where he wants it in any count.

Seams Legit

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