Seams Legit: Tom Wilson absolutely leveled Jonathan Marchessault

Was is a late hit? Yeahhhhh maybe?

More importantly, I care that it wasn’t a head shot. I know Marchessault had to leave the ice and get checked for in the concussion protocol, but that was a result of how hard slammed into the ground he got DECKED.

In terms of where he got hit, that’s what hockey is ALL ABOOT. Wouldn’t hate it if someone tried to do the same to Wilson, though I don’t know how effective that would be. (We all saw what happened to Tomas Nosek when he went after T.J. Oshie. Can’t imagine it would end better going after Wilson.)

Marchessault was pissed off after, keep your head on a swivel dude. You know damn well who’s out there. You can’t get comfortable on the ice for a second.

Still pulling for Vegas. great start to the series. I predicted Vegas in 5, but I want to be wrong. I am 100% on board for 6 more nights of insanity.

Last thing. If Vegas doesn’t get a Summer Olympics bid after that opening ceremony, then I don’t know what else they an do at this point!

Seams Legit

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